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For events, security is very important, and organizers always make sure nobody can copy their wristbands. Otherwise, it may lead to a security breach due to unauthorized access to their event.

Security Wristband

Here are the ultimate security wristband features for event organizers.

The Wristband Lock

To fasten a wristband to a subject’s wrist, there will be a small clasp or lock. This lock is a common feature in every security wristband. There are different types of locks like the Barrel Lock, the Smartlock, Metal Ring, the Loop Lock, Socket & Stud, and Self-adhesive tab.

UV Wristbands

A most common security wristband feature is UV (ultraviolet). Like sun beds UV is a synthetic light source. It is actually a type of radiation produced by the sun.

Something that glows in the dark is termed as UV. A UV light triggers the glow. You will find similar lighting arrangement in festivals and nightclubs.

Holograms and Security Foils

To prevent fake copies and increase the security printing a hologram or security foil is used.

There is a difference between a hologram and foil. The material used is known as a foil. And the visual effect created is referred to a hologram. Ultra-thin plastic layers are used to make holograms. The holographic effect can be created on foils as well.

Barcode Wristbands

To improve identification and access accuracy printing a barcode is a foolproof and basic method. Concert tickets with barcodes are very common these days. Some companies print only digital tickets with unique barcodes for validation.

To increase security and operational efficiency at an event applying barcodes to wristbands is the best strategy.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

The most hi-tech and latest feature available on a security wristband is RFID. For events, it is best to use RFID technology as it has many benefits. It enables cashless payments. It is possible to pre-load RFID wristbands with credit so that event attendees can make the payment by just flashing their wristbands. They can activate and authenticate a purchase by just tapping their RFID wristband.

It also enables Contactless Access Control. On a back-end RFID system, details like name, ticket type, and access are stored and by tapping a wristband against a scanner it can be authenticated.

To connect the attendee’s social media accounts RFID technology can be used. RFID scanners can be connected via digital photo booths. Festival-goers without having to use their mobile phones can do things like sharing their experience in real time. And event organizers can extend the promotion of their event.

Health care has tremendously improved in the last few years. Thanks to technological advancements. Doctors are able to make medical decisions in the patient’s care quicker than ever. For doctors and nurses, it has become easier to collaborate because of electronic medical record.

The medical field is witnessing a lot of changes owing to technology. To enhance patient safety new devices have been specifically designed. The accuracy of record keeping has also simultaneously improved. Errors in medication have been considerably reduced with barcode wristbands.

Barcode Wristband

Here are some of the advantages of barcode wristbands.

BENEFIT 1: Reducing Admission Errors

Errors during the process of hospital admissions can be avoided with the help of medical tablets that feature barcode scanners. A special wristband with a unique barcode is printed and handed out to a patient when he/she is admitted to a hospital. This wristband will be unique to that particular individual and will be used for that visit. Using a barcode scanner a nurse can then easily scan the barcode on a medical grade tablet and begin recording information about the patient. When recording pertinent information this ensures there are no mistakes. Information like the room number of the patient, a reason for admission, billing information, details of insurance and the course of treatment, including supplies used and medications administered, can be gathered by doctors and nurses by scanning the barcode wristbands.

BENEFIT 2: Reducing Hospital Care Errors

Different doctors and nurses attend to patients during their hospitalization. Many hands are involved in the process. Errors are inevitable if there is no system to recognize what medication was given previously and what needs to be administered now.  These types of errors can be eliminated by using a barcode wristband.

The barcode software knows the proper amount of medication that needs to be administered when a nurse scans the patient’s wristband. The medication cannot be dispensed if the wrong patient is scanned. In the past, a patient might have received incorrect medication without a safeguard in place.

Here are other problems that barcode wristbands can eliminate:

Misreading of a patient’s chart

Communication breakdowns

Defective dose checking

Improper or incomplete transcriptions

BENEFIT 3: Reducing Pharmacy Errors

In improving the health of patients pharmacies play a vital role. When people’s lives hang in the balance pharmacies can’t afford to make mistakes. The information can be uploaded in the patient’s EMR with the help of a barcode scanner. Before the medication leaves the pharmacy the pharmacist can ensure that it has a barcode, and the nurse in charge will be able to access it.

The pharmacy will know the right level of medication prescribed by the doctor. Since the system gets updated the communication between doctor, nurse and pharmacy will be in sync. Any health professional can easily access the information using a medical tablet when needed, in real time.

Technological advances in the medical field are improving with each passing day. Barcode wristbands will continue to improve patient care by reducing medical errors. Since information will be readily available doctors and nurses will be able to make quicker decisions. Better patient care and record-keeping will be the end result.

In hospitals serious medication errors are common. It is during administration or transcription of medication that these errors often occur. Such errors can be prevented with the help of barcode technology. Barcode technology is incorporated in the administration system to verify medications. For preventing medication errors in healthcare information technology has been publicized as a capable approach.

barcode wristbands

For example, the occurrence of grave medication errors can be reduced by 55% by using computerized physician order entry. Another example is bar-code verification technology, which is extensively used outside the field of health care everywhere in industries. Previous studies have shown that in the operative setting and in dispensing drugs from the pharmacy this technology can prevent errors. To verify the medication to be administered and a patient’s identity at the bedside, a promising strategy is the use of bar-code technology, which can prevent medication errors. Most notably in Veterans Affairs hospitals, its use has been increasing. In conjunction with an electronic medication-administration system (eMAR), barcode medication verification is usually implemented at the bedside. By means of bar-code scanning, it allows nurses to automatically document the administration of drugs.

To ensure that the correct dose of medication is administered at the correct time to the correct patient several technologies are incorporated by barcode eMAR technology into the workflow of the nursing staff. Traditionally, to determine what medications to administer, medication orders are placed by physicians by manually transcribing medication-administration record to the paper which in turn is referred by nurses. With the barcode eMAR, the process is simplified. Once the pharmacist approves the medication orders they appear on the patient’s electronic record. Furthermore, through an electronic patient worklist, the nurse will be alerted if a patient’s medication is overdue.

The nurse physically verifies the dose in the traditional paper-driven process of administering drugs, and before the medication is given the patient’s identity is verified. If barcode eMAR is used before administering the medication nurses will have to scan barcodes on the medication and on the wristband of the patient and this provides an additional layer of safety. The administration is automatically documented using barcode and nurses can verify whether the patient is due for this dose if the scanned dose corresponds to a medication order permitted by the pharmacist. However, the application issues a warning if the dose does not correspond to a valid order. Hence, barcode eMAR substantially reduces the rate of errors in medication administration and in order transcription as well as potential adverse drug event.

Barcode and RFID wristbands have become industry standard for large conferences and festivals.

RFID is a wireless technology that enables richer data, shorter lines, and more engaged sponsors and attendees. From business conferences to music festivals and promotional events, Barcode and RFID wristbands are everywhere.

Barcode & RFID Wristbands

What is RFID?

Radio frequency identification (RFID) represents a concept you’re already quite familiar with although the phrase may sound like a futuristic jargon. In fact, the technology is something we use on a daily basis. For instance, if you have checked in to a hotel the door-entry card will be working on RFID and so is the case with a highway toll tag. Since the 1970s this type of technology has been widely used. Today, it is being used increasingly for events.

How does RFID work?

RFID works by communicating with a scanner via a radio signal emitted through a chip embedded in a wristband or badge. To enable anything from purchasing to entry the chip can be used.

RFID wristbands are the best for events. To enter an event and make purchases all that the event-goers need to do is simply tap the wristband against a sensor. RFID makes it possible to capture more attendee data for event creators than ever before.

There are two types of devices in an RFID system – RFID tags and RFID readers. There are two parts in each tag – an antenna and a chip. Information is stored and processed in the chip. The radio signal from the reader is connected to the antenna.

You need to scan RFID barcodes while RFID chips are easier to use as there is no need for them to touch the scanner. They only need to be in rough proximity to a scanner.

In a wearable device such as a wristband the chip can be embedded, which makes it fashionable and convenient for attendees.

What does RFID mean for events?

RFID can be used by event creators to allow for better data capture and streamline the event experience. The advantages of RFID wristbands are:

  1. Entry to the event

Entry will be seamless and swift in the absence of paper tickets. A scanner can do the job faster hence there won’t be long queues and impatient people. When compared to other types of electronic scanners RFID entry is easier and faster. RFID equipment lights up red for stop and green for go. It is simple to use and there is no need for staff to undergo any training to use it.

  1. Flexible access control

To specific zones like conference sessions and VIP areas, it grants fast, controlled entry. This makes the job of the security personnel easier.

  1. Cashless payments

By flashing their wristbands attendees can pay for merchandise, food and drinks. There is no need to carry credit cards or cash. It makes checkout faster and is safe and streamlined. When using RFID instead of cash people spend up to 20% more at events, according to research.

  1. Better data collection

Attendees’ movement can be tracked with the help of RFID technology. In-the-moment decisions can be taken by observing the crowd movement so that it becomes easier if there is the need for reorganizing entry lanes.

A lot of data on an individual level can be collected using RFID. Rich data can be collected if they register their wristbands with an email address, which can be used for future marketing.

  1. Less fraud

It is nearly impossible to duplicate RFID chips, as they have an extra layer of security. So there is no need to worry about fake tickets. It is easy to deactivate a lost wristband and issue a new one as each ticket is associated with an individual ID.

  1. Sponsor benefits

For competitions, polls and raffles, sponsors can use RFID to engage with attendees. Just by tapping their wristbands attendees will be able to participate. With RFID, data collection is very simple, and substantial ROI can be accessed by your sponsors.

The priority of patients is pointed out by Triage Tags. At the time triage is performed caretakers are provided with a snapshot of the patient’s medical condition. Tags also help providers to identify the most critical patients first (triaged as red), which makes it easier to shift them to the treatment area.

To see what the triage providers in the field thought of the patient’s condition, tags assist providers to perform a minor triage at the treatment area entry.

Medical Triage Tags

“Trending” information is provided to the caregivers and this small label makes all the difference.

If a patient in the treatment area is unresponsive but triaged as green or yellow it is an indication that the patient’s condition has deteriorated.

If a patient triaged red shows no impending danger, it is an indication that the patient’s condition has improved.

Additional Benefits of Tags

There are many other advantages of triage tags. A visual indication of the patient’s condition is provided by the tags. It also shows that the patient was assessed. This also saves resources and valuable time and expedites patient care.

To point out that an individual was involved in an incident triage tags can be used. But if the patient was not injured in the accident a white bar is used to indicate this by certain manufacturers. By looking at the white bar triage personnel can enter the patient into a tracking system as they can be assured that the person was evaluated. There is no need for placing the patient in the treatment area as the tags will indicate if the patient is uninjured. The tag colour can be changed if the patient develops symptoms later that need treatment.

The potential for unneeded operations can also be avoided by using tags. And this saves a lot of time and resources. By using triage tags providers can expedite treatment and most critical patients can be easily identified and transported immediately.

To indicate whether patients were decontaminated some triage tags have different ways, so emergency department staff or hospital personnel need to be familiar with the tags used in the area.

Health care providers will get instant clues about hospitalized patients’ circumstances like do-not-resuscitate (DNR) status, allergies, elevated fall risk, etc by using colour-coded wristbands. This will prompt them to check medical records for full details of patients. As part of a multi-component approach to patient safety, colour-coded wristbands are often used. In many hospitals, purple DNR status, yellow elevated fall risk, and red signify allergy. To caution of blood pressures or a restricted extremity for blood draws some also use pink wristbands. However, across hospitals colour codes vary.

In the absence of standardized wristband colours, a lot of incidents of error and confusion are getting reported. For healthcare professionals who work in a different healthcare setting, this is particularly difficult. To a patient and organization, the absence of standardization in wristbands may pose a serious risk.

An important contributing factor to unpleasant events happening in healthcare settings is poor communication. Standardize colour-coding for “alert” wristbands is one way to improve communication within wide geographic areas. Consistent communication between healthcare facilities and within a healthcare setting is possible by using standardized colours.

Standardized colours

Standardized Color Wristbands

For patient alert wristbands purple, yellow and red are becoming nationwide standard colours. To designate an allergy alert red has become a national standard. This is due to the fact that red is associated with extreme situations such as “danger” and “stop”. Therefore, healthcare providers will be prompted to double check if the patient has a medication, food or any other allergy when they see the colour red.

Yellow is considered an indication of caution. It can also indicate “tripping of falling hazards.” As a healthcare indicator of a fall risk yellow fits the bill. This will prompt healthcare providers to check if the patient has a history of balance problems, dizziness, falls, etc.

It is more complex when it comes to the colour purple. To activate the resuscitation team healthcare facilities use the term “code blue”. For the DNR bands, the initial dialogue was to use blue. Since it would indicate the patient should be resuscitated many respondents felt blue would confuse the resuscitation team. Purple was chosen to indicate DNR to prevent confusion and second-guessing.

A patient’s status can quickly be communicated to healthcare professional during a crisis using a colour-specific alert wristband. When it comes to saving a life even seconds count.

It was in the 1980s that rubber bracelets, custom wristbands, or silicone wristbands were first introduced. They were known as gel bands in those days. In 2004 they became popular when Lance Armstrong introduced them to spread awareness for cancer. To spread a message on AIDS red ribbons were used in 1991.Livestrong Awareness Wristband

Made to order silicone wristbands are used for promotional purposes, including fashion, event management, product promotion, etc. For non-profit organizations, the accessory has been an effective tool for a long time now. Here are some of the reasons.

Many colours for many awareness purposes

awareness wristband

Custom bracelets come in several attractive colours, different sizes and types. Some colours have been declared by organizers of the programme and non-profit organizations to spread a word for a health condition and other noble causes.

To spread breast cancer awareness ink wristbands are used. To support people with different cancer types a multi-colour rubber bracelet is used. To show support to bone cancer patients yellow coloured wristbands are used. Similarly, to make people aware of different types of health conditions in different colours of wristbands are used.

Availability at affordable prices

They are attractive, beautiful, reliable, inexpensive, long-lasting and flexible. They are non-allergic and can be used for a long time. These wristbands, unlike other customizable items, are not expensive. It can be distributed among the masses as it can be bought in many numbers.

Easily customized

To raise awareness for a cause there are plenty of customizable options available. To make it match your campaign you can pick any type, size, and colour and personalize them for a noble cause.

In addition to this, you can select a favourite font colour and get it engraved on the wristband to make your campaign more powerful. You can get them customized according to your need and even order them online.

Flexible and fashionable

People of all ages like to wear wristbands as they are fashionable accessories and are available in different sizes. People can easily wear them for many days without any irritation to make a fashion statement or to create awareness for a cause. It is an effective awareness tool as it remains attractive for a long time and helps to cover a wide audience. They are flexible because you can get them customized according to your needs.


For your campaign, you can choose from a wide variety of custom products based on type and size. You can put the motto of your campaign over it to make it unique in a font that will not go unnoticed.

Planning a big event or organizing a children’s camp? To manage your guests and admissions, and even ensuring the safety of your wards wristbands have easily become the most popular option. Here are some of the advantages of using custom wristbands for events.

Event Wristband

With Custom Printed Wristbands Take Control over Your Event

There are varieties of custom printed wristbands and many different customizable options. For event organizers who offer them to their guests, there are many advantages as well. Here are a few of them:

  1. Guest Management

It can become hard to sort when there are multiple guests at an event. Who are the VIPs? Who should be provided with food and beverage? Who can enter backstage? How do you separate those with day passes and weekend passes? Who are all eligible to enter multiple venues? You can manage it all using different custom wristbands.

To quickly identify the level of access of an attendee you can offer different colour options for your guests. Your staff will have an easier time finding out where your guests should be by using customizable wristbands on which you can print text, images, and barcodes.

  1. Less Waiting

For many occasions, regular admission tickets can become a hindrance. The ticket can get crumpled up or simply lost or become hard to find in a purse. This will make it difficult for guests to prove they are of a certain age or have backstage access. Bottlenecking and longer lines will be the result when each and every person starts searching for tickets. It will make the guests impatient as they will have to wait for a long time in the queue to make an entry.

By simply flashing a wristband your guests will be able to identify themselves at the entry point with custom wristbands and this will take only a matter of seconds.  This allows your guests to get past event staff very efficient and move around.

  1. Durability

The event planners’ biggest nightmares are party crashers and having bad weather. You will never have to worry about your guests handing their wristbands to a friend standing outside if they are using custom wristbands. They are totally tamper-free and are also lightweight and waterproof.

  1. Brand Awareness

To increase awareness for your brand or a cause wristbands are an excellent way. They are easy to hand out and can be very fashionable too.

  1. Security

Excellent security is guaranteed by custom quality wristbands. Only if you cut it off using a scissor it can be removed. Nobody can tamper with it as it is tamper and tear-resistant. There is no need to be anxious about people removing wristbands and handing over to others when you pick the right wristband.

  1. Safety

There are a lot of benefits when it comes to using wristbands during school field trips when organizers have to deal with a lot of children. Coloured wristbands are the best option for organizers. It will be much easier for organizers to find a child if he strays from a group.

Certain allergies can also be easily identified by using custom coloured wristbands.

All-inclusive destination resorts are becoming popular for couples and families looking for a ‘one-stop’ point to vacationing. The myriad of options available for amenities and entertainment can make identifying hotel or resort guests a tedious process. Resorts nowadays look to offering improved security, enhanced guest’s verification, employee benefits and increased brand value through the use of wristbands. Here are four main reasons why wristbands can prove indispensable in a resort.

Commercial Wristbands

  • Improved security & prevention of counterfeits:

Wristbands are a great way to identifying guests fast and easy, thus beefing up the security part. Plastic and vinyl wristbands are non-transferable and add to the fun and durability. A mere glance at the wrist can help the resort staff identify unauthorized people around easily and evict them as the resort’s rules imply.

You may even consider personalizing your resort wristbands with a unique message, design including your logo or add increased security layers to them. A logo or message imprinted onto your wristband is a great way to stop gatecrashers from freely taking part in events, unauthorized use of accommodations or use up special promos or offers at the resort.

  • Wristbands for Special Access:

If alcohol is dished out at your resort there should be identification check in place at the entrance.  A specific coloured wristband for guests over 21 can help wait staff and bartenders know that it’s fine to serve them alcoholic drinks. Wristbands, therefore, help get rid of clutter, reduce waiting time for guests without frequent ID checks, speed up the concession lines and encourage guest spends.

Many resorts deny access to kids belonging to a select age group to engage in specific outdoor activities such as pool or water slide. Wristbands with fun, pre-printed plastic design can come in really handy here to prevent kids’ access and enhance safety levels. As all-inclusive resorts provide many outdoor activities and games, wristbands provided should withstand the vagaries of sun, wind and water. An excellent option is Plastic and vinyl wristbands as they are highly durable and waterproof, and great for multi-day use. They should also survive the wear and tear they are put into.

  • Controls access to private events:

Several all-inclusive resorts throw corporate and special events, as well as social events such as weddings. Custom wristbands can help staff restrict access to particular areas of the resort where these events are hosted. This means neither the general public nor resort guests can gain access to it – maintaining the privacy of the event. You may even look to adding a fun message on the wristband so that the guests keep it as a memorabilia long after the event is over.

  • Increased Branding:

Custom wristband, no wonder, turns out to become ‘mini billboards’ increasing the branding and the PR for a resort. The first thing that’d catch people’s attention is their guest’s tailor-made wristband containing the resort’s brand logo particularly when they engage in off-resort activities, strike a conversation or generate a first-hand testimonial about the resort. People, generally, would like to show off their wristbands as a kind of souvenir. Wristbands are the perfect ploy for guests to share their experiences of the resort with their family and friends back home. If you are a marketer, you may well know that word of mouth advertising is sheer magic!


Summer is the time to break free and run towards the thrill that unknown bestows. It is also the time of the year camp coordinators are busy planning the ideal bucket list adventure. From day camps to residential summer camps, retreats and programmes, kids and adults indulge in field trips and recreational activities such as mountaineering, hiking, swimming and trips to amusement parks, water theme parks, zoos, gardens and aquariums. Wristbands present a simple, economical and visible identification way to categorize and organise kids at a campsite. The following are a few ways how wristbands can be used to enhance the safety of campers in a fun way:

Classify different swimming levels:
It is a good idea to have kids who are into pool training at camps wear colour-coded wristbands (green, yellow and red) that represent different swimming levels. This will help classify kids according to how good they can swim and save them from drowning. We recommend that only plastic or brightly-coloured vinyl wristbands be used for this purpose as they are non-transferable, water-resistant, comfortable and survive the impact of water. With identification wristbands swimming coaches or lifeguards will have no trouble restricting the trainees swimming into deeper areas of the pool.

Swimming Pool Wristbands

The colour-coded wristbands are highly visible under pool; therefore, if an inexperienced swimmer unknowingly makes his way into the depths of the pool, support staff is visually tipped off. Since plastic and vinyl wristbands are quite durable, one can wear them for well over a week and they don’t snap off too. This ID method can also be applied to other outdoor activities as well, like horseback riding.

Alert staff to Dietary/ Allergy requirements:
Wristbands are a great way to help staff determine if a particular person requires any special dietary or allergy diets. And worse, camp counsellors will not be available all the time for help.  Though the diet restrictions are usually mentioned in a child’s file, a visual identifier like a wristband adds extra strata of protection, especially during emergencies.  Several colour patterns can be added to denote varying needs, and additional information or notes such as an emergency contact number can be written in case of a crisis or if a child loses his way from the group.

Wristband for ensuring right diet

Help relive experience every time:
Summer camps make a positive impression that can have a lasting impact on a child, so what better to relive his/her experiences than with personalised wristbands. Remember to customize the wristband with the camp’s name, logo (if any), year or colours so that participants can relate it to the event for a long time to come. Glow-in-the-Dark Wristbands will be extremely useful during nighttime outdoor activities.