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A hospital wristband can significantly lessen medical errors and can save lives. It is an essential piece of medical equipment and is not just an accessory. However, make sure that you choose the best that improves your efficiency as well as worth the cost. While choosing a hospital wristband look for these features:

Hospital Wristband

  1. Colour coding

When choosing wristbands colour coding is imperative if you are concerned about the safety of the patient. First, your hospital should settle on its colour-coding system, either a more standard state or local one or its own. Also, ensure that the colours you need are there in the chosen wristbands. For example, to indicate DNR include red, to point out latex allergy add purple, to indicate other allergies take blue and to alert fall risk to medical staff include green.

  1. Easy printing

You will have to attend as many patients as possible in a single day. And you will need different types of medical stamps. It shouldn’t be a botheration for your staff or your patients. Using regular laser printers you can print them on sheets of chart labels in standardized sizes. Whether that is medical conditions or hospital logo or patient demographics, medical staff should easily be able to add the necessary information. After printing, stick it onto the wristband after stripping the label.

  1. Strength

Time and money can be saved using durable wristbands. Choose quality wristbands that won’t fall apart easily because replacing wristbands is not that easy a task for the hospital staff. You can ensure proper use of wristbands only by selecting durable wristbands. They should also be resistant to soaps and cleaning solutions in order to promote proper sanitation and hygiene.

  1. Comfort

During their stay in the hospital patients should feel very comfortable as they will be trying to get healthy overcoming a lot of health issues. An irritating or scratchy wristband will only add to their worries. Choose ones that are not too hard or heavy.

  1. Size

A good hospital wristband will have the right size. For each patient, wristbands should be of the suitable size, whether infant, pediatric or adult. To ensure correct pairing wristbands can come in adult-infant pairs.

  1. Efficiency

The main purpose of a hospital wristband is to promote efficiency in a patient’s road to recovery. At pre-determined intervals, medical staff should be able to speedily reorder wristbands and their supplementary labels. Labels, in addition, need to be effortlessly applied to the wristbands after detaching their sheets. This will ensure that the medical staff tends to more important matters concerning the patient.

The right wristband can improve the efficiency of a hospital and make patients safer. It will also ensure better publicity for your hospital.

Many people suffer from anxiety, and experts have come up with many theories and products to treat such patients. However, not all of these are effective. A majority of these treatments are simply ineffective, but people are persuaded into trying them out with the hope of a cure. They do nothing despite tall claims to help with anxiety. But there’s an anxiety reduction strategy which might sound quite impossible at a glance. It’s a wristband. No, it is not what you think it is. It is not a product, but a technique. The “wristband technique” has proven its effectiveness in controlling overall anxiety levels in many people.

Wristbands help you control your anxiety

Unbelievable, isn’t? You must be wondering how a wristband can help cure anxiety. It is not an anxiety treatment like the stress-reducing magnets that people put on their arms. You can use any bands like hair bands or rubber bands. There is no need for a wristband at all for this technique. You will get the same benefits by putting any bands on your wrists. To control your anxiety you can use them as a tool which will work as a reminder.

People with anxiety suffer a lot mainly because they find it difficult to explain how they feel to others. Unlike other ailments, there won’t be any visible signs to show how sick they feel inside. Even if they have all the luxuries in the world they won’t be able to enjoy them. They will find it impossible to enjoy their life as they will be lost in thought all the time. The wristband anxiety treatment will snap you back into reality by taking you out of your own head. It will remind you not to over think when anxiety strikes.

Follow this simple technique:

* Pick an elastic wristband or a rubber band that snap. You have to wear it every day so pick one that is comfortable. Make up your mind on what you want to remember or say to yourself. For example:

*   “Anxiety is not going to overtake me”

*   “I have a happy life. I’m feeling sad only because of my anxiety.”

*   By slowing down your breathing you can also try to remember how to overcome your anxiety.

The rubber band may sting when you snap it against your wrist. Repeat the process 3 times. While snapping repeat what you want to remember. Whenever you have anxiety snap it back and repeat to yourself what you need to remember, whether it’s a tip or the affirmation for overcoming your panic attack or anxiety.

This is how the Wrist Band Technique Work

There is no magic and they don’t claim to cure your anxiety completely.  There are no side-effects. They just cure the symptoms by sending reminders to help control anxiety. It helps people to come back to reality when they are faced with anxiety with a little bit of pain that occurs while snapping rubber bands. You can carry these wristbands anywhere and they will work as a great tool to help you remember what you need to remember.

Remember. You will be able to cope with your anxiety only when you succeed in bringing yourself out of your own head.

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Wristbands for events have generated a lot of buzz. At top music festivals, the wireless event tech has become quite common. They have become something like a prestigious badge for fans who proudly wear them whenever they get a chance.

Now, their popularity has gone beyond music festivals. To give joy to attendees with interactive experiences and shorter lines the tech is used for all kinds of events.

For attendees and event organizers the benefits of RFID wristbands go far and wide. By using their RFID wristbands fans can choose to link their social media profiles and emails before the event. Beyond reorganization lines and entry within the event, RFID allows fans to bond in new ways with each other as well as sponsors.

RFID Wristbands for events

Here are some of the benefits of using RFID Wristbands:

  1. Get attendees inside quickly

The long wait in lines is what deters people from visiting any event. By using RFID Wristband you can ensure a quick entry. All you need to do is just wave your wristband over a sensor to get in.  The tech can provide you entry to multiple zones and re-entry for multi-day events. This makes the job easy for your security team as well. This helps to cut staff at the entry gate and reduces errors while scanning tickets.

  1. Get real-time insights and improve your event

With RFID Wristband you will get a clear idea about the foot traffic flows. This will enable you to make changes in your layout if it is a multi-day event. To eliminate bottlenecks the organizers can use the data to place sponsor booths, toilets and concession stands.

  1. Eliminate fraud

RFID chips have an inimitable identifier and individual IDs unlike traditional tickets, which can be easily duplicated. In case attendees lose tickets, organizers can issue new ones instantly by deactivating the lost wristbands.

  1. Go cashless

With a simple tap of their wrist attendees can pay for merchandise, food and drinks. So there is no need for cash or ATMs, and attendees can enjoy the event without worrying about theft. Before the event, itself payment information can be added by the attendees to their RFID tag.

  1. Make your connection with sponsors more strong

For sponsors to engage your attendees RFID creates new ways, which are more fun and interactive experiences. Attendees with RFID can join competitions, or enter raffles. Without being intrusive this enables sponsors to collect data.

  1. Improve attendee engagement onsite

It also enables attendees to email their pictures taken at the photo booth by simply tapping their wristband or badge. The data collected at the photo booth can be used by the sponsors for lead generation too.

  1. Elevate the VIP experience

To give an elevated customer service experience to VIPS RFID enables sponsors or organisers to give VIP upgrades on-site. As soon as VIPs have an issue your staff can replace wristbands using handheld devices.

  1. Simplify the check-in and box office process

To pick up their wristband attendees need not wait in line for hours on-site. The wristbands will be delivered right to your attendee’s home weeks before the event.

  1. Make an impression

The organizers can bring in a cool image to the entire event by using RFID Wristbands.

  1. Gather more information about your audience

Organisers can not only ensure a hassle-free event but also collect data of the attendees as they buy tickets as groups or in bulk. This will enable event organizers while handling future events and can even make events bigger and better.

An extremely digitized setting is what you would find in today’s healthcare industry. Databases and medical records are of utmost importance. To improve the kind of treatment offered to patients databases are used by healthcare companies. To analyse treatment outcomes some companies have also invested in data management tools.

A wristband with medical records comes to your aid

The wristband is more than a stylish accessory. For patients on their road to recovery, it is ideal. They come in different styles and colours with a lot of data storage. To alert healthcare professionals and caretakers patients can also customise their wristbands.

How Does a Medical Wristband Help?

Every hospital handles a huge number of patients with different problems on a daily basis. Some of these cases will be highly sensitive to the extent that the patient might even lose his/her life if they don’t get proper medical care. Such patients battling illnesses should wear wristbands with medical records. This will improve the efficiency of the hospital staff and speed up the recovery process. When it comes to patients fighting for life owing to accidents or life-threatening diseases every second count. A medical wristband gives doctors quick access to a person’s medical records. Doctors will be able to give the right treatment to a patient using the information on the band.

Patient Wristband

Benefits that Come with the Medical Wristband

  • The wearer is identified. Doctors and nursing staff will get access to the patient’s medical history at a glance.
  • The wristband will have all the information pertaining to the patient’s health condition like current medication as well as valuable information about allergy risks.
  • In case of an emergency, a medical wristband comes to the aid of caretakers so that they will know what they need to do during an emergency.
  • Emergency contacts can be notified with the help of a medical wristband.
  • When patients are travelling they help them to stay safe.
  • It helps to alert passers-by and first responders about a person’s medical condition.

For patients suffering from memory loss medical wristbands are ideal. It is also a lifesaver for children, pregnant women and the elderly.

Medical wristbands and children

Medical wristbands help to keep children healthy and safe. The wristband will notify others when there is an emergency. Those suffering from epilepsy and juvenile diabetes will benefit from using it.

When the child is at school it will help teachers to take any emergency action.

To notify parents during emergency situations doctors use the information on the band which is vital.

Children will happily wear them as these bands come in trendy styles.

Medical wristband for You

It is an affordable and easy way to ensure you and your family’s safety. It will make you a lot more safer and help you to lead a stress-free life.

Wristbands are not only trendy and cool accessories but have found applications in many arenas. Most events like functions, festivals, concerts are taking advantage of its benefits. Let us discuss why it is important to use wristbands in our events:

Concert Wristbands


The no. 1 use of wristbands in any gathering is people’s security, especially kids. There have been many cases of children gone missing in a crowd. ID wristbands can get children back to safety when they stray away. When different coloured bands are used by children with special cares, say in a field trip or swimming class, it is easier to spot and handle them accordingly.

Visitors’ management:

When you want to categorise guests according to areas of access, privileges, services they need to be offered etc., it’s easily done with different coloured bands instead of marking a stamp or providing uncomfortable tags to wear around the neck. Stamps can easily be wiped off but anybody would love to wear a funky band around their wrist.


How much more closer can you get your brand to an individual than these wristbands? Flash your brand name on the band and spread the word easily. Most event attendees feel complete wearing one of these during the event and some even like to preserve the bands as a memorial.

Shorter queues:

Admission tickets take longer time to process compared to the simple flash of a wristband. Even cash payments can be made with RFID wristbands pre-loaded with credit or connected to a credit card, by just tapping it against a scanner.


Tickets can wear off or get lost easily; not so with these wristbands. Since they are made to be sturdy, lightweight and weather proof processing them is hassle-free.

Prevent counterfeits:

Wristbands cannot be replicated like the conventional tickets. Potential profits can get a hit because of counterfeit tickets; it also leaves guests with lot of frustration. You can easily avoid such inconvenience by picking the right kind of band for your event.

Elevate the experience:

Events always offer spectacle through many installations, food trucks, effigies, etc. Wristbands can add physical and emotional connection to the event or festivals among attendees. It does create excitement and can sometimes even become a badge of honour.

Provide the connect:

Who doesn’t like to stay updated in social media? There are organisers who connect wristbands to your social media accounts. So have fun and share it real time without using your mobile phones.

Robust data:

There’s a lot happening at events and the amount of data these wristbands can collect is just awesome. Crowd movement, peak hours are just some of the useful data that any organiser would love to harvest for analysis. These can be deployed to get the better of future events.

So, from walking, talking mini billboards to gathering valuable information, wristbands have diverse uses. Anyone planning any event can turn it into a great success with this simple yet advantageous appendage.

Custom wristbands have found themselves into all political party rallies, social movement causes and non-profit organization’s services.  They have turned out to be an effective resource for mobilizing support and attaining change.  What many people fail to realize is that wristbands can be a great choice as promotional vehicle for business.

Custom Wristbands

Wristbands appeared mainstream in 2004 when yellow silicone ’Livestrong’ wristbands became talk of the town. Supported by Nike, professional cyclist Lance Armstrong designed a simple little wristband to raise funds for cancer research. Many other organizations followed suit and came out with their own wristbands in a variety of colours, patterns and styles.

The biggest advantage of silicone wristband is that you can custom-make and add to it your own personalised text message, stamped into the silicone using a customized mould (debossed), text or logo raised with pop-out effect (embossed), or silk screen printed right onto the band. It costs little to produce, and if you are looking to order high numbers, the cost per band may come down. The desired marketing message is imprinted onto the wristband at the same cost too—good enough to give it away to your clients, customers and prospects.

There are quite a number of things you can include to your marketing wristband including your brand/business name, logo, slogan and even a custom message about your brand. It is a limited space and offers not much canvas to play around with. However, a professional artist should get you the job up and running and make the most of it in projecting the business.

Brands have also learnt that ensuring youth participation guarantees higher brand outreach. Youth these days love to wear wristbands and brands haven’t wasted any time in pulling them in into the scheme of things. With so many bands available in a range of colours, the only way one can come to know the significance of a cause from a wristband is asking the wearer what the colour represents.

Give your wristband a unique colour, a distinct message and, overall a different feel of wearing it that will enable your brand stand out in the din. Do a lot of market research and understand what your customers or your followers may expect out of your giving them free wristbands; your core marketing message needs to be intact, concise and customer-driven. Brands should capitalize on the economic advantages that wristbands provide for the enforcement of their business message.

Hospitals, Clinical Facilities & Laboratories, all over the world, are looking to improve the accuracy levels of patient records, reduce error rate and increase the overall safety of medical care and treatment. Identifying patients with Patient Identification Bands (including barcoded wristbands) is often the first step that healthcare organizations can take to reduce patient safety risks.

Patient Identification bands

Patient Identification Bands can prevent errors, at large, by making sure a patient’s information is accurate and that it is always available at the point of care. In general terms, it can improve the effectiveness of medication administration and can extend the security measures to other patient care activities.

Patient Identification Bands found great application wherever patients have to be identified or wherever information requires to be recorded, thereby improving accuracy levels and saving time in any medical environment. This can reduce the pressure of the staff that is attending to the patient’s needs. This, in turn, can help medical facilities enable a positive return on investment on healthcare management.

When a patient’s wristband is scanned by a barcode reader, it can eliminate errors in specimen collection, processing, patient transfers, administration of therapies and tests, meal management, in addition to numerous medical administrative and billing tasks. Perhaps, the biggest advantage that barcode wristbands offer is not in the amount of data or information they record or store, but how they help present the recorded information in healthcare management.

Patient Identification Bands when used in conjunction with computerized systems can provide additional layers of security by issuing or sending alerts when things aren’t done or kept pending. As long as the medical staffs enter a patient’s information correctly, the patient wearing barcoded wristband can present accurate information every time his or her wristband is scanned. This can, for sure, increase patient safety in healthcare facilities by improving the quality of data or information available in patients’ records.


We, at Healing Technologies, produce high-quality Patient Identification Tags including Triage Tags, and a slew of Special Tags and Alert Tags. Available in a range of types, standard colours, design, medical grades and sizes, these ID Tags are skin friendly, tear-resistant, wash-proof and tamper-proof. These Tags are manufactured using quality medical grade material and non-toxic inks. The ID Tags are coated with bactericide and fungicide solutions that prevent allergies. Our custom Identification Tags find extensive use in over 800 hospitals in India and across the world. Count on us if you are looking for reliable custom made Identification Tags and Plain Tags.

Wristbands have very much changed the way marketing is done offline. They are fun, innovative and interactive. While we get to see a lot of them in events, meetings and conferences, wristbands spell safety during medical emergencies and disaster recovery at hospitals. A common application of medical wristbands is identification of patients admitted in hospitals. Another important area of use is to identify the names of newborn babies in hospitals. These wristbands carry critical medical information that helps people requiring assistance.

Medical Wristbands

Medical wristbands come in several types, design, patterns, colours, either in adhesive or snap style closures for greater ease of use.  The biggest advantage of wristbands is that they allow hospitals to write critical information on the band’s surface which will allow any medical staff to identify the wearer easily.

Another common wristband type you get to see in hospitals is that of the ones worn by mothers and their newborn babies. Remember these wristbands have to be really super soft on babies’ skin. These wristbands carry an exclusively selected number which will help match the infant with the mother and family members correctly. If there are allergy sufferers, the wristband can give medical staffs pertinent medical information related to their allergies during emergencies.

In Alert wristbands you will find special logo imprinted on the band’s surface. This is to inform the medical staff/personnel that the particular patient needs special care and attention. These wristbands carry important medical condition related information such as the allergy type that the wearer may be prone to.

Blood band wristbands also find great use in preventive health care labs and diagnostic centres. They are useful in gathering information on blood samples collected from patients. With these types of wristbands chances of blood types getting lost, misplaced or jumbled up with someone else are few. The objective is to make short work of medical staff having to identify the correct patient for diagnosis or treatment. Medical wristbands, through their several applications, have definitely made life easy and hassle free for patients in hospitals, labs, clinics and medical care facilities.

Our Event Wristbands will help you enhance your next event. In this short post, we have come up with a quick checklist of things to go through before ordering your next wristband with us.

Event Wristbands

  1. How long will you use the Wristband? Will it be used for a single day, two or more?

Depending on the use, the material employed in making the wristband will vary for durability and frequency of use.

  1. How will the Wristband be used for? Is there any specific use?
  2. Will the wristband be used in a water prone environment?

If yes, you can go for either Vinyl or Plastic material.

  1. Is the look and feel of the Wristband important? Do you want it to be light-weight? Do you want it to have a fancy look with a glitter? Do you want it to be unique?

Depending on the use, the material employed in making the wristband will vary.

  1. What are the colour combinations you are looking for in the design?
  2. Do you want to custom print with your own logo and text or will our Stock Wristbands just do the trick for you?

If you are looking to custom design your Wristband, we can help you add your logo and text to it.

  1. Do you require bar coding, numbering and/or variable info?
  2. What kind of security layer do you require? Do you need additional security checks?
  3. Do you require corporate and high-end finish? What is the quality of Wristband material are you looking for in that case?
  4. Do you need to integrate any coupon or sponsor advertising or promo on the backside?
  5. What is the timeline for delivery? How soon do you expect the product to be delivered?
  6. Do you have a single event or multiple events hosted?

You may have to make a reply to these questionnaires, or perhaps even more, to get the perfect Wristband you are looking forward to from us.  The required inputs will also help us to deliver the product with a great deal of creativity and an added layer of security you need for your event, meeting or promotion.

Years of experience at Healtec have made us learn that there are several ways of making customers consider the use of our Wristbands. Talking to customers about them has opened up several alternative applications —both indoors and outdoors. The many uses we have come up with just shows how handy and flexible Healtec Wristbands are.

Wristband for kid's safety

  • Wristbands can replace the inconvenience of keeping a ticket in your pockets, bag or purse. They are less discernable at entry points and far less likely to be misplaced. Adding information or unique number sequence to the Wristband can give you greater control over ticket issuing.
  • People with mental disorders or learning disabilities are in constant danger of losing their way, feeling confused. In most cases, particularly in our country, these people do not have any form of identification cards, and this has become increasingly difficult for police & legal authorities to help send them back to their families, mental asylums or care homes. Making them wear a wristband with their names and contact details printed on it will help protect them from abuse and harassment.
  • Because Healtec ID tags come with sufficient space to house detailed instructions or product descriptions, one can attach them quite easily to almost anything in place of a label that may be difficult to display or apply. They are increasingly used in hospitals for audit purposes as several tasks concerning recording data require date and signature to be written on each band with periodic monitoring.
  • Kids often lose their way in public places or attractions, getting distracted by things happening around them, and if you are a parent, it could well be the worst nightmare. Wrapping an identification band around your kid’s wrist with a contact name and details such as an emergency number written on it will ensure your child’s safety, and offer your greater peace of mind.
  • Wristbands when printed with a large sequential list of number are used in shopping centres and malls to issue the right bag to shoppers with one band attached to the shopper’s wrist and the other one tagged to the bag. The numbers on the bag are matched with that on the wrist, and shoppers, then, collect the correct bag. This process can also be carried out to pick the correct luggage in Airports as it moves around the airport baggage carousel.
  • If you’re looking for creative ways to promote your product or sponsor an event, then you can have a wristband with a coupon code and discount note printed on it supplied to visitors.

There are many ways to get your creative juices flowing, but as you can see, the opportunities are unlimited! You can also add your own innovative way of using our Wristbands to extend its list of applications further.