RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Wristbands for events have generated a lot of buzz. At top music festivals, the wireless event tech has become quite common. They have become something like a prestigious badge for fans who proudly wear them whenever they get a chance.

Now, their popularity has gone beyond music festivals. To give joy to attendees with interactive experiences and shorter lines the tech is used for all kinds of events.

For attendees and event organizers the benefits of RFID wristbands go far and wide. By using their RFID wristbands fans can choose to link their social media profiles and emails before the event. Beyond reorganization lines and entry within the event, RFID allows fans to bond in new ways with each other as well as sponsors.

RFID Wristbands for events

Here are some of the benefits of using RFID Wristbands:

  1. Get attendees inside quickly

The long wait in lines is what deters people from visiting any event. By using RFID Wristband you can ensure a quick entry. All you need to do is just wave your wristband over a sensor to get in.  The tech can provide you entry to multiple zones and re-entry for multi-day events. This makes the job easy for your security team as well. This helps to cut staff at the entry gate and reduces errors while scanning tickets.

  1. Get real-time insights and improve your event

With RFID Wristband you will get a clear idea about the foot traffic flows. This will enable you to make changes in your layout if it is a multi-day event. To eliminate bottlenecks the organizers can use the data to place sponsor booths, toilets and concession stand.

  1. Eliminate fraud

RFID chips have an inimitable identifier and individual IDs unlike traditional tickets, which can be easily duplicated. In case attendees lose tickets, organizers can issue new ones instantly by deactivating the lost wristbands.

  1. Go cashless

With a simple tap of their wrist attendees can pay for merchandise, food and drinks. So there is no need for cash or ATMs, and attendees can enjoy the event without worrying about theft. Before the event, itself payment information can be added by the attendees to their RFID tag.

  1. Make your connection with sponsors more strong

For sponsors to engage your attendees RFID creates new ways, which are more fun and interactive experiences. Attendees with RFID can join competitions, or enter raffles. Without being intrusive this enables sponsors to collect data.

  1. Improve attendee engagement onsite

It also enables attendees to email their pictures taken at the photo booth by simply tapping their wristband or badge. The data collected at the photo booth can be used by the sponsors for lead generation too.

  1. Elevate the VIP experience

To give an elevated customer service experience to VIPS RFID enables sponsors or organisers to give VIP upgrades on-site. As soon as VIPs have an issue your staff can replace wristbands using handheld devices.

  1. Simplify the check-in and box office process

To pick up their wristband attendees need not wait in line for hours on-site. The wristbands will be delivered right to your attendee’s home weeks before the event.

  1. Make an impression

The organizers can bring in a cool image to the entire event by using RFID Wristbands.

  1. Gather more information about your audience

Organisers can not only ensure a hassle-free event but also collect data from the attendees as they buy tickets as groups or in bulk. This will enable event organizers while handling future events and can even make events bigger and better.