We have already seen in our earlier posts the many purposes of wristbands in hospitals. It’s not just that you can only find a patient’s name printed or stamped on to the face of the wristband, or in other words, simply a means to indentify one’s name — which in any case — won’t serve its actual purpose. Hospital wristbands, to emphasize, can address several needs of both hospital staffs as well as patients. There are specific wristbands that contain specific medical information which are pretty much critical.

Patient Identification Tags

The requirements that these hospital wristbands meet will differ from hospital to hospital. There are umpteen times where these wristbands are used for critical identification and admission control of mothers and infants, expectant mothers, patients suffering from terminal illnesses, the patients whose blood groups are to be determined, and the ones whose blood groups any hospital would want to have on their records.
A patient wearing a wristband can help the hospital staff with important information related to his or her allergies and other medical facts. Wristbands are attractive, that is to say, they are easy to wear, place and remove easily as some come with Velcro like fasteners, button type fasteners and zip fasteners. They help the band attach firmly so that it does not fall off the patient, while he or she is inside of the hospital, clinic or laboratory.
Wristbands that are tamper-proof are perfect to be worn around the wrists of newborn babies. These bands avoid possible mix-ups when they fall off or get misplaced by accident. Infant hospital wrist bands are generally numbered in sequence with their mothers as this will make easy for hospital staff to extract the much needed details from both mothers as well as the child.
In addition to the readymade type of wristbands already available, custom-made wristbands can help you add whatever information that is required of a patient, thereby making the process of updating one’s medical history easier.
If you are looking to custom-make hospital wristbands, don’t go any further. Simply give us a shout so that we can help you with something that you will be more than happy to go with.