Out patients tags


Out Patient Identification Custom Made Held Tags

Out Patient ID tags are as important as an in-patient ID wristbands. These tags contain important information regarding the patient’s health. The information would be valuable to the first responders in case of an emergency. The Out Patient Identification tags by Healtec are adhesive held tags. It will have the OP number and date mentioned on it. When there is a large number of out-patients their identification is simplified using these tags. Whenever they feel is best facilities can give the bands out to outpatients. It’s up to what you think is best for your facility and patient population.

To reduce patient safety risks outpatient tags are the best. This product avoids chances of testing errors, medication errors, and improve the efficiency of doctors as they will be able to get to know the medical history of outpatients without losing much time. Today, doctors or medical staffs have to attend to several patients with a whole lot of complications. This product makes system smooth running and secure and helps reduce medical errors.

Healtec out-patient tags are strictly examined by experienced professionals who ensure if all the quality parameters are met with and deliver faultless product to our patrons. Our tags are in demand for its resilience, perfect finish and design, and are much sought after by our patrons.

Type : Adhesive


Adhesive held tags, OP No, Date is mentioned. Identification is simplified where there are large number of Out Patients.


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