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  • Access control tags

    Access Control Tags

    Person who are not supposed to be in a particular area can be identified easily. Different coloured tags are used for different areas within a hospital.

    Type : Adhesive

  • Alert tags

    Emergency Medical Alert Wristband

    Alert Tags are used along with regular Patient ID bands to indicate :

    • Adverse Drug Reaction
    • Caution
    • Patient movement restrictions
    • Isolation
    • Disturbed patients etc

    Type : Button

  • Bar Coded Tags

    Patient Name Identification Tag with Barcode

    Bar Coded Tags (sticker application on tags)

    Type : Adhesive

  • Day care patients tags

    Day Care Adult Tags

    Adhesive held- Skin friendly, used for Eye care, Dialysis, Endoscopy and other Day care procedures.

    Type : Button Adhesive

  • Fall risk tags

    Fall Risk Medical Tags

    Used in Patients where there is a Fall Risk-elderly patients, patients under sedation/anaesthesia, Patients who are hurt. This is in Fluorescent Yellow for clear visibility.

    Type : Button

  • In Patient Tags

    Custom In-Patient Identification Wrist Bands

    It is crucial to correctly identify patients throughout their healthcare experience—from admission to treatment to discharge. Patient identification errors can be costly, so it is important to improve the accuracy of patient identification with reliable in-patient ID wristbands and labels. This type of wristband, also known as patient ID bracelets, hospital ID wristbands, or patient armbands, or patient ID wristbands are one of the most trusted and oldest solutions for positive patient identification.

    Healtec offers a wide variety of custom patient ID wristband products. Our wristbands are soft yet sturdy, wash proof (patient can have a bath with the tag on), and tamper evident. Available as a write-on type and with an adhesive covering should a barcode sticker be used. Field marking can be done as per hospital requirement.

    Regardless of the department – Nursing, Registration, Pharmacy, Labour, Lab, NICU & Delivery, etc. – we have custom tags. Healtec patient wristbands are everywhere in hospitals.

    Healtec pioneered custom wristbands and continues its history of intelligent design and innovation with a generous patient ID portfolio that no other company can match. Healtec wristbands are in use today at several hospitals. We are a trusted leader in patient identification. From fall risk tags to daycare patient tags, we cater to the entire patient population and have every patient ID application covered. Designed for medical clinics and hospitals, Healtec in-patient identification wristbands is a laser-printer generated, self-laminating, patient ID bracelet with admission labels printed on a single sheet.

    Using the label solutions and patient identification wristbands that Healtec offer, you can save your organisation money and improve the safety of patients. Many healthcare facilities still face patient safety issues even though improvements are being made in patient identification. These problems can be solved by simply using durable and scannable patient ID wristbands and labels.

    Our patient identification technology delivers cost-effective, comprehensive, and vibrant solutions. We’ve got your positive patient identification needs covered. From special thermal printers to custom ID tags and a horde of patient ID wristband options, we have it all.

    Contact us today or request a quote for the patient ID solution that your healthcare organization requires.

    Type : Button

  • Master Health Check up

    Custom Printed Master Health Check Up Medical Tags

    a. General Patients

    b. Diabetic Patients

    c. Ophthalmic Patients

    Type : Button

  • Mother and baby tags

    Mother and Baby Medical ID Tags

    Each pack has an Adult Tag for the expectant mother and an infant tag, with a male and female portion.

    We suggest the mother is tagged on admission, both portions of the child is filled in with mothers details, and signature of the mother or the attendant is obtained on the reverse of the infant’s Tag.

    At birth, once the gender of the child is known, the appropriate portion of the tag is cut and used to tag the infant; the remaining portion is handed over back to the mother or to her attendant.

    • Mixing up of babies deliberately or otherwise is a common suspicion
    • Every hospital has a system of identification but the parents/attendants are not aware of.

    Type : Button Adhesive

  • NICU Tags

    Neonatal Patient Identification Name Tag

    NICU Tags for Neo-Natal Intensive Care

    Type : Button

  • Ophthalmic Tags

    Ophthalmic Patient Identification Tags

    Generally 2 Tags are used-One colour for Right Eye indicating R and one for Left Eye indicating L.

    Some hospitals use a single colour and Tag the Patient in the Right or Left Eye depending on the Eye to be treated.

    Type : Button