Years of experience at Healtec have made us learn that there are several ways of making customers consider the use of our Wristbands. Talking to customers about them has opened up several alternative applications —both indoors and outdoors. The many uses we have come up with just shows how handy and flexible Healtec Wristbands are.

Wristband for kid's safety

  • Wristbands can replace the inconvenience of keeping a ticket in your pockets, bag or purse. They are less discernable at entry points and far less likely to be misplaced. Adding information or unique number sequence to the Wristband can give you greater control over ticket issuing.
  • People with mental disorders or learning disabilities are in constant danger of losing their way, feeling confused. In most cases, particularly in our country, these people do not have any form of identification cards, and this has become increasingly difficult for police & legal authorities to help send them back to their families, mental asylums or care homes. Making them wear a wristband with their names and contact details printed on it will help protect them from abuse and harassment.
  • Because Healtec ID tags come with sufficient space to house detailed instructions or product descriptions, one can attach them quite easily to almost anything in place of a label that may be difficult to display or apply. They are increasingly used in hospitals for audit purposes as several tasks concerning recording data require date and signature to be written on each band with periodic monitoring.
  • Kids often lose their way in public places or attractions, getting distracted by things happening around them, and if you are a parent, it could well be the worst nightmare. Wrapping an identification band around your kid’s wrist with a contact name and details such as an emergency number written on it will ensure your child’s safety, and offer your greater peace of mind.
  • Wristbands when printed with a large sequential list of number are used in shopping centres and malls to issue the right bag to shoppers with one band attached to the shopper’s wrist and the other one tagged to the bag. The numbers on the bag are matched with that on the wrist, and shoppers, then, collect the correct bag. This process can also be carried out to pick the correct luggage in Airports as it moves around the airport baggage carousel.
  • If you’re looking for creative ways to promote your product or sponsor an event, then you can have a wristband with a coupon code and discount note printed on it supplied to visitors.

There are many ways to get your creative juices flowing, but as you can see, the opportunities are unlimited! You can also add your own innovative way of using our Wristbands to extend its list of applications further.