Our Event Wristbands will help you enhance your next event. In this short post, we have come up with a quick checklist of things to go through before ordering your next wristband with us.

Event Wristbands

  1. How long will you use the Wristband? Will it be used for a single day, two or more?

Depending on the use, the material employed in making the wristband will vary for durability and frequency of use.

  1. How will the Wristband be used for? Is there any specific use?
  2. Will the wristband be used in a water prone environment?

If yes, you can go for either Vinyl or Plastic material.

  1. Is the look and feel of the Wristband important? Do you want it to be light-weight? Do you want it to have a fancy look with a glitter? Do you want it to be unique?

Depending on the use, the material employed in making the wristband will vary.

  1. What are the colour combinations you are looking for in the design?
  2. Do you want to custom print with your own logo and text or will our Stock Wristbands just do the trick for you?

If you are looking to custom design your Wristband, we can help you add your logo and text to it.

  1. Do you require bar coding, numbering and/or variable info?
  2. What kind of security layer do you require? Do you need additional security checks?
  3. Do you require corporate and high-end finish? What is the quality of Wristband material are you looking for in that case?
  4. Do you need to integrate any coupon or sponsor advertising or promo on the backside?
  5. What is the timeline for delivery? How soon do you expect the product to be delivered?
  6. Do you have a single event or multiple events hosted?

You may have to make a reply to these questionnaires, or perhaps even more, to get the perfect Wristband you are looking forward to from us.  The required inputs will also help us to deliver the product with a great deal of creativity and an added layer of security you need for your event, meeting or promotion.