Wristbands have very much changed the way marketing is done offline. They are fun, innovative and interactive. While we get to see a lot of them in events, meetings and conferences, wristbands spell safety during medical emergencies and disaster recovery at hospitals. A common application of medical wristbands is identification of patients admitted in hospitals. Another important area of use is to identify the names of newborn babies in hospitals. These wristbands carry critical medical information that helps people requiring assistance.

Medical Wristbands

Medical wristbands come in several types, design, patterns, colours, either in adhesive or snap style closures for greater ease of use.  The biggest advantage of wristbands is that they allow hospitals to write critical information on the band’s surface which will allow any medical staff to identify the wearer easily.

Another common wristband type you get to see in hospitals is that of the ones worn by mothers and their newborn babies. Remember these wristbands have to be really super soft on babies’ skin. These wristbands carry an exclusively selected number which will help match the infant with the mother and family members correctly. If there are allergy sufferers, the wristband can give medical staffs pertinent medical information related to their allergies during emergencies.

In Alert wristbands you will find special logo imprinted on the band’s surface. This is to inform the medical staff/personnel that the particular patient needs special care and attention. These wristbands carry important medical condition related information such as the allergy type that the wearer may be prone to.

Blood band wristbands also find great use in preventive health care labs and diagnostic centres. They are useful in gathering information on blood samples collected from patients. With these types of wristbands chances of blood types getting lost, misplaced or jumbled up with someone else are few. The objective is to make short work of medical staff having to identify the correct patient for diagnosis or treatment. Medical wristbands, through their several applications, have definitely made life easy and hassle free for patients in hospitals, labs, clinics and medical care facilities.