Hospitals, Clinical Facilities & Laboratories, all over the world, are looking to improve the accuracy levels of patient records, reduce error rate and increase the overall safety of medical care and treatment. Identifying patients with Patient Identification Bands (including barcoded wristbands) is often the first step that healthcare organizations can take to reduce patient safety risks.

Patient Identification bands

Patient Identification Bands can prevent errors, at large, by making sure a patient’s information is accurate and that it is always available at the point of care. In general terms, it can improve the effectiveness of medication administration and can extend the security measures to other patient care activities.

Patient Identification Bands found great application wherever patients have to be identified or wherever information requires to be recorded, thereby improving accuracy levels and saving time in any medical environment. This can reduce the pressure of the staff that is attending to the patient’s needs. This, in turn, can help medical facilities enable a positive return on investment on healthcare management.

When a patient’s wristband is scanned by a barcode reader, it can eliminate errors in specimen collection, processing, patient transfers, administration of therapies and tests, meal management, in addition to numerous medical administrative and billing tasks. Perhaps, the biggest advantage that barcode wristbands offer is not in the amount of data or information they record or store, but how they help present the recorded information in healthcare management.

Patient Identification Bands when used in conjunction with computerized systems can provide additional layers of security by issuing or sending alerts when things aren’t done or kept pending. As long as the medical staffs enter a patient’s information correctly, the patient wearing barcoded wristband can present accurate information every time his or her wristband is scanned. This can, for sure, increase patient safety in healthcare facilities by improving the quality of data or information available in patients’ records.


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