Wristbands are not only trendy and cool accessories but have found applications in many arenas. Most events like functions, festivals, concerts are taking advantage of its benefits. Let us discuss why it is important to use wristbands in our events:

Concert Wristbands


The no. 1 use of wristbands in any gathering is people’s security, especially kids. There have been many cases of children gone missing in a crowd. ID wristbands can get children back to safety when they stray away. When different coloured bands are used by children with special cares, say in a field trip or swimming class, it is easier to spot and handle them accordingly.

Visitors’ management:

When you want to categorise guests according to areas of access, privileges, services they need to be offered etc., it’s easily done with different coloured bands instead of marking a stamp or providing uncomfortable tags to wear around the neck. Stamps can easily be wiped off but anybody would love to wear a funky band around their wrist.


How much more closer can you get your brand to an individual than these wristbands? Flash your brand name on the band and spread the word easily. Most event attendees feel complete wearing one of these during the event and some even like to preserve the bands as a memorial.

Shorter queues:

Admission tickets take longer time to process compared to the simple flash of a wristband. Even cash payments can be made with RFID wristbands pre-loaded with credit or connected to a credit card, by just tapping it against a scanner.


Tickets can wear off or get lost easily; not so with these wristbands. Since they are made to be sturdy, lightweight and weather proof processing them is hassle-free.

Prevent counterfeits:

Wristbands cannot be replicated like the conventional tickets. Potential profits can get a hit because of counterfeit tickets; it also leaves guests with lot of frustration. You can easily avoid such inconvenience by picking the right kind of band for your event.

Elevate the experience:

Events always offer spectacle through many installations, food trucks, effigies, etc. Wristbands can add physical and emotional connection to the event or festivals among attendees. It does create excitement and can sometimes even become a badge of honour.

Provide the connect:

Who doesn’t like to stay updated in social media? There are organisers who connect wristbands to your social media accounts. So have fun and share it real time without using your mobile phones.

Robust data:

There’s a lot happening at events and the amount of data these wristbands can collect is just awesome. Crowd movement, peak hours are just some of the useful data that any organiser would love to harvest for analysis. These can be deployed to get the better of future events.

So, from walking, talking mini billboards to gathering valuable information, wristbands have diverse uses. Anyone planning any event can turn it into a great success with this simple yet advantageous appendage.